I have to tell you, the more I play with your OLAP Portal the cooler it gets. You did a fantastic job on this thing. Great GUI! Simple, straightforward to use, well documented, and it is extremely well behaved. I wish I had written it. In my opinion, it is absolutely the best OLAP tool I have seen to date. Let me re-phrase that, that's not enough of a compliment. It's the ONLY OLAP tool to date. I've been looking for a simple, clean, and robust off-the-shelf front end for 8 years. I would really like to see this tool proliferate through the company. It is a great fit with SharePoint as well.

Most Excellent Job,
Chuck Dobbs
Network Performance Engineering
AT&T Mobility
"Fortunately, another local vendor in Baton Rouge suggested we try a product called Report Portal. This product could be downloaded from the Internet and used for 60 days without any cost. We paid the local vendor for some assistance in getting the system up and running. AG's Virtual infrastructure and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement allowed quick installation of the new system. Within days, our team began to understand how to connect to the portal. Many other cubes have been added to the mix including operational statistics, order processing metrics and help desk requests. Numerous reports have been created and added for easy access by users. In many cases, users get to information by clicking on links delivered via e-mail or by perusing the list of reports inside the Web portal—even using BlackBerrys. For experienced users, reports can be created on the fly from data that is no more than one day old at any time. For instance, credits issued to our customers are an important metric to follow. The new tool provides quick access to credits by type and by store. This allows AG to focus our attention on the particular type of credit or store with large numbers of credits where the savings can be most noticeable... My CFO received some one-on-one training on the use of the system and proclaimed at a recent staff meeting that the BI tool is awesome."

Quote from CIO magazine

Steven A. Miller
SVP Strategic Planning, Projects & IS
Associated Grocers, Inc.
Report Portal is a great product for us, we would be lost without it.

Blair Keily
Chief Information Officer
Greymouth, New Zealand
Tai Poutini Polytechnic
My organization has been using Report Portal since 2005, along with other Olap client tools. But Report Portal is the first choice as a client application for the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services that I recommend to my customers because it is very reliable and not expensive by comparison to other OLAP client tools in the market. I am very satisfied that in cases of technical issues, my customers have always received the help they needed from the Report Portal support team.

Dr. Pierre Sula
We gave a demonstration of your product to the CFO and other financial members. All were pleased and impressed with your product. We have the approval to proceed.

Janice A. Gammill
Software Engineer
US Steel
I’ve been testing ReportPortal for potential use in our product. So far, I’m very impressed – it’s the best way to access MS OLAP I’ve seen, and I think I’ve seen everything available. (My previous job was as product manager for a BI vender.)

Alan Baer
Senior Product Manager
Stellent Inc.
We have looked at the report portal demo and we are very impressed! We would like to purchase the enterprise version..

Christopher Grant
Executive Director
Brilliance Software Corporation
I've been very impressed by your product demo and have shown it to my client who has asked me to purchase a license for them.

David Chatterton
Australia's Northern Territory
Department of Business Industries and Resource Development
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